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USR-K Urban Support Rifle-Kurtz


The USR-K is the smallest semi auto sniper rifle. While it is first and foremost a sniper rifle it may also fill the role of a CQB weapon when necessary. The short free float barrel will engage at ranges of 200-300 yds. The drop in match trigger gives excellent control. The Vltor stock provides the needed cheek wield. Using an optional Grip-Pod allows seamless transition from CQB to aimed precision shooting. Especially when used with the QD-223 this is the ideal weapon for jungle or urban setting.
                        Caliber                                         5.56 mm
                        Action                                          Semi Auto
                        Length Barrel                               9.50 inches
                        Length folded                               27.0 inches
                        Length open                                 30.5 inches
                        Weight                                            7.0 pounds


USR-K shown with QD-223 in front of USR
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