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The Compak 16 is a unique weapon. A CQB/Entry weapon that is exceptionally reliable and accurate (1 MOA with plastic hand guards and ½ MOA with 4 Quad Rail). The Gas Trap System changes the time pressure curve of the weapon making it more controllable even in full auto. It is designed to accept our purpose built suppressor, the QD-223.



Compak 16 with optional  4 quadrant rail

Accepts our purpose built QD-223 suppressor

The Gas Trap System with Flash hider.


1) Length, extended  301/4 ins. 
2) Length, folded  27 ins.
3) Weight, pounds  6 lbs.
4) Barrel Length  9.5 ins.
5) Caliber:  5.56mm
6) Operation:  Select Fire 



ISO 9001 CERTIFICATION.  Arms Tech LTD is an ISO 9001-certified developer and manufacturer of armaments and related technologies supporting the special operations community. DOD has endorsed this system for all contractors since 06 June 1991




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