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Alpha Entry Shotgun



Designed as an entry weapon the Alpha Entry Shotgun Provides the entry team member with a short controllable weapon to disrupt locks and maneuver in confined spaces.
The saw tooth disruptor provides a stable hold when used to disrupt a lock and its appearance can gain compliance with little more than its presence. The halogen light is coaxial with the pattern of the gun so that what you see is what you shoot and it assures target recognition. The sights are high visibility with wings to protect the sight adjustment. The Alpha Entry Shotgun uses the Arms Tech Ltd. folding stock for the Remington 870.

 Arms Tech Folding Stock Closed                 Arms Tech Folding Stock Open

1) Length, extended 37 ins.
2) Length, folded 27 ins.
3) Weight, pounds 8 lbs.
4) Barrel Length, 17 ins.
5) Caliber: 12 ga.  
6) Operation: Pump Action  

Alpha Shot Diverter

ISO 9001 CERTIFICATION.  Arms Tech LTD is an ISO 9001-certified developer and manufacturer of armaments and related technologies supporting the special operations community. DOD has endorsed this system for all contractors since 06 June 1991





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